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Hosting SQL Server in Microsoft Azure IaaS Fundamentals

by Mike McKeown

This course provides essential knowledge to IT Operations persons working in the Microsoft Azure environment to set up a basic version of SQL Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS.

What you'll learn

This course provides essential knowledge for IT Operations personnel to set up a basic installation of SQL Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS. Discussed are the different options for installing and configuring SQL Server in the Azure Cloud based upon your licensing and deployment requirements. The course explains how to configure supplemental data disks to improve your performance, and how to monitor and administer the SQL Server installation in Microsoft Azure IaaS.

About the author

Mike spent almost two decades with Microsoft in various roles such as Technical Evangelist, Trainer, Consultant, and Programming/Writer. Today Mike is a Microsoft MVP and Senior Cloud Solutions Architect with leading Microsoft partner Aditi Technologies. He has written many articles you can find on MSDN and MSJ. Microsoft recently published his whitepaper on High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Windows Azure. Mike is active in community groups and likes to blog about the Cloud at michaelmc... more

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