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Houdini: Intermediate Ocean FX

by Andreas Giesen

This course will teach you the creation of realistic oceans and how to drive large scale fluid simulations in Houdini 16. Software required: Houdini 16.

What you'll learn

Have you ever had the idea of creating an infinite and photo realistic ocean in 3D with a simulated boat driving through it? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, Houdini: Intermediate Ocean FX, you'll learn how to setup a procedural ocean and do a flip fluid simulation for the boat. First, you'll discover how to use the ocean spectrum to create an infinite ocean. Next, you'll add the boat, do a flip simulation for a specific area with high detail, and add whitewater and mist. Finally, you'll extend the simulated area and setup the shaders to render all the layers. When you're finished with this Houdini 16 course, you'll not only have an ocean rendered with a high detail fluid simulation, but you'll also have a workflow on how to master your own ocean and fluid challenges in the future. Software required: Houdini 16.

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About the author

Andreas works as a FX Supervisor at RISE | Visual Effects Studios with his latest credits including Captain America: Civil War. He is considered one of RISE's Swiss army knives who can take a shot, no matter how complex, from concept through blocking, lighting, shading, and rendering to final. However, his focus is of course FX simulations - no matter if it's fluids, crowds, rigid body sims, or pipeline tools that help facilitate standard tasks for other artists. His latest work also includes Av... more

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