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Jun 1, 2020
1h 56m

Here is a confession: I used Git for a long time without really understanding what was going on. I knew all the basic commands, but I still got stranded when something went wrong. Why did my rebase fail? How did I manage to mess up the remote? Then I found the key to Git: the content of the .git directory. Once I understood the underlying model, everything about Git clicked into place. Things that used to be baffling and complicated suddenly looked simple and elegant. Let me share these insights with you. It will take you just two hours to wrap your head around Git.

Course FAQ
Course FAQ
What is Git?

Git is a distributed revision control system. But Git not only does what other revision control systems do, Git does it in a distributed way can be harder to understand.

What is Git used for?

Git is primarily used for tracking changes in source code but can also be used to track changes in any files.

Who is this course for?

This course is for seasoned developers who get geeky pleasure in understanding how things work and also for beginners who want to know more than just the surface layer commands in Git.

What will I learn in this course?

In this course, we will peel off the layers of the onion until we reach Git's conceptual core. As we examine each layer, things you've been doing every day with Git will look different and simpler.

About the author
About the author

Paolo Perrotta is a traveling coach and a software mentor. He wrote "Metaprogramming Ruby", widely praised as one of the essential books on Ruby.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
[Autogenerated] Hello from Paula Perrotta. Welcome to how it works. Get is really powerful. But let's be honest it's also kind of scary. I remember after using it for months I still found it confusing but there came a moment when suddenly it all made sense. Suddenly get clicked for me. And that moment was when I understood how it works from the ground up. If you understand how it works then using it becomes so much easier. That's why this training exists. I want to demystify get for you. You want to just learn a bunch of commands here like in a regular training instead you'll see how and why those commands work. And once you know that you'll be able to learn any get command with confidence, this is well, interior disease and advanced training. But even if you are a beginner at get I think that you should watch this. I would say this is a course for everybody who uses get as long as you know the basics how to stage files, commit them, switch branches. If you know those fundamental operations, then it doesn't matter whether you've been using it for two weeks or two years. I think you'll find something useful in this training. So let's dive in. It's going to be fun.