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How to Have a Better Career in Software

by Doug Turnure

A practical look at things you can do to improve your career in software development.

What you'll learn

During my 20+ years in the software community, I've picked up on a common set of patterns that surround developers who always seemed to excel in their careers. Developers who had the best careers seemed to do a specific set of things that other developers did not. This course lays out the principles, and how to apply them to your software career. No single checklist guarantees success, but following these principles will improve your chances of finding success. There are probably some additional items we could add, and you could argue that some of these are more important than others. But from my experience, these are the core set of things you need to do to have a better career in software.

About the author

Doug has spent the last 20+ years working in the software industry, starting out as a developer on Windows and Macintosh systems. Over time, he has shifted his focus to strategic thinking around technology, content and messaging, evangelism, and customer advocacy. At different times in his career he has been a developer, author, trainer, tweeter, marketer and occasional conference speaker. He has spent the last decade at Microsoft as an evangelist, technical marketer, and program manager for the... more

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