How to Speak to Business Leaders

by Jason Alba

This course helps you improve your mastery of language used with managers and executives to help you be effective and influential in conversations with business leaders. We talk about the why and how of learning new language, as well as discuss key terms in various business functions, and have a conversation about terms to avoid.

What you'll learn

In the first module, we talk about your potential power and influence, and why you should walk down this path of understanding and using business leadership language. Then, we talk about words and phrases in finance, marketing, HR, and at the general executive level. Finally, we'll talk about the surrounding words and phrases to avoid, giving some examples and the reasons why to avoid them.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Jason Alba is founder of, an online relationship manager for professionals to manage their career and job search. Jason is the author of I’m on LinkedIn – Now What??? and coauthor of I’m on Facebook – Now What??? and specializes in helping professionals with career management, network, and personal branding.

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