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Apr 23, 2018
1h 28m

At the core of creating applications for the web is a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this course, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture, you’ll learn how to create applications for the web. First, you’ll learn to display content on the web with HTML. Next, you’ll explore styling the web with CSS. Finally, you’ll discover how to make the web interactive with JavaScript. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will help you as you move forward to create applications for the web.

About the author
About the author

Barry is a software architect and developer with a passion for the cloud. He has worked for lots of companies throughout the last decade and is keen to share his knowledge with the community. He co-founded a usergroup focused on technology and soft-skills and currently teaches people about the benefits of the cloud.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
(Music) Hi everyone. My name is Barry Luijbregts, and welcome to my course, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture. I am an independent software developer and architect with a passion for the cloud. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the main technologies that make up the web as we know it. Every web page that you visit contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; therefore, it is vital that you know what these technologies are, where they came from, and where they are going. Some of the major topics that we will cover include why you should care about how the web works, displaying the web with HTML, styling the web with CSS, and interacting with the web with JavaScript. By the end of this course, you will know what HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are and how they interact to bring content to your browser. You don't have to know anything about HTML, CSS, or JavaScript before you take this course. I hope you'll join me on this journey to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture course, here at Pluralsight.

Why You Should Care About How the Web Works
Hi, and welcome to this big picture course about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm Barry, and I am an independent software architect and developer. You can find me on Twitter @AzureBarry and on my personal website, azurebarry. com. In this course, you'll learn about the things that make the web work, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And in this first module, I'll explain why it is important to know what HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are. Basically, why you need to know how the web works. To discover why you need to know how the web works, I'll first explain where the web came from and give you an overview of how it works. Once you know that, it's easy to see why you should learn about how it works, and specifically how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work. Ready? Let's dive in!

Displaying the Web with HTML
In this module, you'll learn the basics about the Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML. We'll talk about the basic concepts of HTML so that you can learn what HTML is and what it looks like, where HTML came from, and how it is likely to progress in the future, and, how you can go about creating HTML and what the options are for doing so. Let's take a look.

Styling the Web with CSS
Displaying text and images on the web is nice, but we need to be able to style the content so that it is readable and useable. We'll see how to do that in this module as we talk about how to style the web with CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. This module has the same structure as the modules about HTML and JavaScript. We'll start out by talking about where CSS came from and what it is. Once we know that, we'll talk about which ways there are to create CSS and use it to style the web. Alright, let's take a look.

Interacting with the Web with JavaScript
In this module, we'll talk about the glue of the web, JavaScript. We'll discover how you can use JavaScript to interact with HTML, the browser, and other systems to make the web more interactive. Just like the modules about HTML and CSS, we'll start by taking a look at where JavaScript came from, and then look at what it actually is and how you can write JavaScript.

Where to Go from Here
In this final module, we'll finish our journey through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We covered a lot of material in this course, so we'll start by going over the most important things to remember for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then I'll show you some resources that you can use to go beyond this course and learn more about each technology.