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HTML for the XAML Developer

by Derik Whittaker

A guide for making the transition from being a XAML developer to being an HTML developer.

What you'll learn

The HTML for the XAML developer course aims to help XAML developers, whether you’re a WPF or Silverlight developer, make the transition to being an HTML developer. This course provides a high level overview of many of the technologies and concepts needed to transfer your existing XAML knowledge over to the HTML world.

Table of contents

About the author

Derik Whittaker is a Software Architect who specializes in all things .Net. Derik has been building enterprise systems on top of the .Net technology stack for over 12 years and along the way has picked up a thing or two about how to create killer systems. During his 12 year career Derik has worked in many different industries ranging from Marking, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Automotive and Online Entertainment. Currently Derik is working for a Technology startup ( in Raleigh N... more

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