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Building on HTML5: Optimizing for Data, Communication and Offline Apps

by Craig Shoemaker

Whether you use the hottest UI framework or craft your site with vanilla JavaScript, you learn foundational HTML5 APIs needed in nearly every app. Learn persist in-browser data, make lightning-fast apps, work offline, and be geographically aware.

What you'll learn

What does React, Angular, Vue, and any other framework have in common? They are all built on HTML5! In this course, Building on HTML5: Optimizing for Data, Communication and Offline Apps, you will learn foundational knowledge of APIs that are common to scores of web applications. First, you will learn about strategies for storing simple data objects all the way to using the in-browser database which supports large amounts of data. Next, you will discover how to take full control of each request giving you ultimate control over whether files are loaded from the server or from the local machine. Finally, you will explore how the client receives messages pushed from the server in a performance-optimized way, as well as how to request a user’s location and sometimes even have access to details like altitude, heading and speed. When you are finished with this course, whether you’re planning on building your next application with the hottest UI framework or are hand-crafting your app with vanilla JavaScript, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to use the most important APIs available on the web.

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About the author

Craig Shoemaker is a Senior Content Developer for Microsoft on the Azure Container Apps and Azure Static Web Apps teams. On some days he's building internal tools to keep Microsoft employees productive, and others days creating guidance used by hundreds of thousands of developers. Additionally, Craig is a best selling Pluralsight author and co-host of the Web Rush podcast. You can reach Craig on Twitter at @craigshoemaker or join the conversation at Web Rush

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