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ICAgile (ICP-ASD): Evolving Architecture and Design

by Jim Weaver

Agile methodologies embrace change, and system design and architecture must often evolve as well. This course will teach you concepts, patterns, and approaches that help systems adapt to change while ensuring architectural requirements are met.

What you'll learn

Most software systems will be exposed to unexpected change in many dimensions over their lifespan. Architectural aspects of a system can be hard to change once implemented, so how can a system’s architecture accommodate change? In this course, ICAgile (ICP-ASD): Evolving Architecture and Design, you’ll learn fundamental software engineering concepts, patterns, and approaches that affect a system’s adaptability. First, you'll discover how to apply measurement and automation to aid a system’s adaptability. Next, you'll also see how to ensure important architectural goals. Finally, you learn how constraints continue to be met as the system changes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have an understanding of how architectures can be made more responsive to changing needs and environments.

About the author

Jim Weaver is a software developer with experience in many languages and platforms. He has worked in and led teams in many industry verticals including Defense, Leasing, Energy, and Healthcare. Jim has extensive experience with unit and acceptance testing techniques and tools, and is one of the original authors of JWebUnit, an open-source web application testing API and framework.

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