ICAgile (ICP-PRG): Collaboration and Tooling

by Tommy van Schaik

In this course, you will learn how collective ownership and different approaches to pair programming will help you increase the effectiveness and code quality within your team.

What you'll learn

Effective collaboration is a differentiating factor between agile development teams. In this course, we will take a deep dive into the most common agile collaboration techniques so that eventually, these techniques can be applied within your own team First, we will examine collective ownership and collective accoutnability and why this is essential for the fucntioning of agile teams. Second, we will introduce the basics of pairing and which type of pairing approach is best for your team. Lastly, we will go into the practical details and best practices of close collaboration within teams. After this course, you will have learned the practical applicability of the most common agile collaboration techniques and will be able to apply these techniques within your own team.

About the author

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Tommy van Schaik found out early that his natural habitat was between business and IT. After getting his bachelor's and master's in Business & IT, he decided to join the Dutch Air Force as a Communications Systems Officer. During his last tour in the United States, he found his love for agile transitions and dealing with development teams. He quickly transitioned to the Civilian world to do what he loves best: helping organizations transition to future-proof s... more

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