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ICAgile (ICP-TST): Agile Testing Process

by Sarper Horata

This course will teach you how to create tests by devising a test strategy, as well as explore testing infrastructures and environments used by different testing roles in an Agile distributed environment.

What you'll learn

Understanding the testing process and forming a strategy are key when creating tests in Agile. In this course, ICAgile (ICP-TST): Agile Testing Process, you’ll learn how to successfully devise a test strategy in order to create tests effectively. First, you’ll explore testing roles and responsibilities on Agile teams, along with working on distributed teams. Next, you’ll discover how to create test strategies and understand test environments on infrastructure. Finally, you’ll learn how to create tests in depth. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of test strategies, testing roles, testing infrastructure, and testing environments needed to get an ICP-TST certification.

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Course Overview

About the author

Sarper is a computer scientist, an ex software developer, and an experienced product manager on different products on different platforms including Web, Android, IOS, and some of the Blockchains; who worked at corporations and startups over a decade, where his products reached to thousands of people with annual sales of 8 figure digits. He is a creative person in finding practical & advanced solutions with delivering a great user experience by acting as a strong communicator between technical &... more

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