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ICE Particle States in Softimage

by Sunder Iyer

In this course, we will learn how to use ICE Particle States in Softimage. Software required: Softimage 7 and up.

What you'll learn

Through this course, we will learn how to use states and state machines as well as conditionals to trigger specific reactions and how to switch to new states. We will also cover how to work with multiple states to build interesting particle interactions using beneficial projects. Software required: Softimage 7 and up.

About the author

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Sunder has made great headway in both the interactive game design and 3D animation worlds. Throughout his career, Sunder has earned degrees in computer information science, multimedia & game design, as well as 3D character animation. He's fully devoted to providing breathtaking and out-of-the-norm experiences to as many people as possible. With a powerful skillset in Houdini and years of educational clout, Sunder aims to give understandable solutions to complex to... more

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