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Identifying and Addressing Prejudice in the Workplace

by Jillian Kaplan

This course will teach you how to identify, address, and reduce prejudice in the workplace.

What you'll learn

Identifying and addressing prejudice in the workplace will ensure your employees and teammates feel included and valued at work, stay longer in their roles and improve your bottom line. In this course, Identifying and Addressing Prejudice in the Workplace, you’ll learn to create a safe and inclusive work environment. First, you’ll explore identifying prejudice. Next, you’ll discover addressing prejudice. Finally, you’ll learn how to reduce prejudice. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of diversity and inclusion needed to identify and address prejudice in the workplace.

About the author

Jillian works at a large enterprise company where she has global responsibility for ensuring CSPs can monetize their investments in 5G through future Enterprise use cases. She is long-time Telecom industry veteran. Previous to her current role, Jillian spent 14 years at Verizon. She joined Network Engineering during the launch of FTTP (FiOS) where she managed over a billion dollars in inventory in the Central Offices. While she worked, she received a Technical MBA and upon completion started a n... more

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