Identifying SaaS Operational Challenges for the Business

by Sonia Cuff

A common perception is that Software-as-a-Service applications are easy to use and require minimal IT involvement. This course will teach you real-world challenges that your business can encounter, and how you can manage them.

What you'll learn

Software-as-a-Service applications are marketed as being easy to use, with minimal IT involvement. In this course, Identifying SaaS Operational Challenges for the Business, you will learn what the Business expects from SaaS and the pitfalls to meeting those expectations. First, you will learn about the challenges of accessing SaaS applications from anywhere, at any time. Next, you will discover the touch points with your existing systems, to enable a seamless work day experience. Finally, you will explore how to meet the Business’ requirements for data protection and change management. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of identifying the Business operational challenges with SaaS, needed to manage the expectations of the Business.

About the author

Sonia Cuff is a systems administrator & architect at heart with over 20 years experience, starting out in Banking, Government, and Defense with Microsoft and IBM software platforms. She’s now playing in the Small & Medium Business market, running a Managed Services Provider in Brisbane, Australia (though her accent is from New Zealand). Sonia is a ‘Cloud realist’ who’s passionate about technology solutions being the right fit and delivering business benefits. She loves helping IT professionals ... more

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