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Cyber Security Awareness: The Importance of Identity Protection

by Donna Bower

This course explores the basics of identity protection in the modern world.

What you'll learn

Are you a modern-day internet user who is concerned about protecting your identity? If so, then this course in the cyber security awareness series by MentorSource, The Importance of Identity Protection, is just the course for you. In this course you'll first explore types of identity that can be stolen before moving onto ways to protect your identity. Finally, you'll look at password security and how important it is in protecting your identity.

About the author

Donna began her career in Boston with IBM, moving to Dallas and then Denver. After leaving IBM, she started an instructional design firm with her husband that provided technical education services across multiple industries. Donna became involved in information securities nearly 15 years ago, beginning with writing security policies for an insurance company. Since then, she has been involved in numerous privacy & security initiatives especially in the healthcare field.

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