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Illustrator CC Creating Business Collateral

by Alex Hernandez

Great looking business cards and letterhead are important for your company. In this course, you'll learn important tools needed in Illustrator CC to help you create your very own unique business collateral.

What you'll learn

Are you looking to design your business collateral? In this course, Illustrator CC Creating Business Collateral, you'll learn the key tools necessary for creating your own materials for business in Illustrator CC. First, you'll dive into the process of creating your document. Next, you'll explore how to create shapes, sample colors, and place objects. Finally, you'll discover how to format text, and maintain character and paragraph styles. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only be prepared to create your custom business collateral, but also create templates and output your files for print. Software required: Illustrator CC.

About the author

Alex is a motion graphics author at Pluralsight. Starting out his career in illustration and design gave Alex a firm foundation in the more traditional forms of art. As he refined his skills, he eventually was pulled into the world of motion animation, as well as product design. It was there that Alex was able to take his artistic skills to new heights and really develop himself as a well-rounded CG artist. Whether you need a better workflow for building website layouts, or a crash course in... more

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