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Illustrator CC for Web Designers

by William Everhart

Adobe Illustrator CC is rapidly becoming the go-to application for web and mobile app design. In this course, you'll learn how to use Illustrator CC for your web design asset creation, wireframing, and web mockups. Software required: Illustrator CC.

What you'll learn

Adobe Illustrator, traditionally used by graphic designers, is typically not considered to be a web design tool and has been ignored by most web designers. However, with the addition of many new web centric features and the shift to SVG support in modern browsers, Adobe Illustrator is rapidly becoming the go-to application for web and mobile app design. In this course, Illustrator CC for Web Designers, you'll learn how to utilize Illustrator CC for your web design projects. First, you'll explore how effective Adobe Illustrator can be as a web design tool. Next, you'll delve into creating graphics, such as buttons and icons for use in all of your web and mobile projects. Finally, you'll cover how easy it is to wireframe websites and mobile apps using Illustrator's vector tools. When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to create a website mockup complete with images, text, and graphics that is ready to hand off to a developer. Software required: Illustrator CC.

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About the author

Embarking on his career at a time when desktop publishing was a brand new term, William Everhart learned graphic software long before services like Pluralsight were even a dream. Over the past 30 years he has gone on to add web design, video production, and instructional design to his resume. He is currently the owner of his own consulting and private training firm, Astute Digital Solutions, which helps people overcome software and workflow challenges.

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