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Creating a Realistic Still Life Scene in Illustrator

by Simeon Elson

Create a realistic still life vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Required Software: Adobe Illustrator CC.

What you'll learn

In this course, Creating a Realistic Still Life Scene in Illustrator, you'll run through all the steps needed to create vector still life renders that are not only realistic but actually look more appealing than the original photo reference. First, you'll start by selecting a base color using the Eyedropper Tool and discuss how to implement more vibrancy into the colors you select. Next, you'll then create the base shape using the Pen Tool. Once you have generated the base shape you'll use a combination of the Gradient Annotator and the Mesh Tool to draw the light contours and dark contours of various tones. Finally, you'll look at applying shadows to each vegetable using effects such as the Gaussian Blurs. By the end of this course, you'll know how to create a realistic vector still life illustration, full of detail and vibrant color suitable for commercial and online projects alike. Required Software: Adobe Illustrator CC.

About the author

Simeon Elson is an inspired international commercial illustrator and graphic artist, based in London. Simeon's explosive, realistic works are inspired by music, sports, comics, street art and current affairs. His diverse and graphical styles combine digital and traditional techniques to produces images that are innovative and full of energy.

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