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Implementing 3D Touch in iOS

by Jordan Morgan

There's never been a better time to develop iOS apps, but standing out can be difficult and users expect polished apps. In this course, you'll learn how to add 3D Touch to iOS apps to add a new level of engagement that wasn't possible before.

What you'll learn

iOS developers enjoy a large market for which to build software, but it's difficult to get noticed and your app must be expertly polished to stand a chance at landing users. In this course, Implementing 3D Touch in iOS, you'll learn a new API that helps you do just that: 3D Touch. This new technology allows users to engage and navigate iOS apps in ways that simply weren't possible before. There are many components to it, and you'll learn all of them. First, you'll learn about "peeking" and "popping" content. Next, you'll explore deep linking to your app from the home screen and providing core functionality from a simple touch once users are in it - the key becomes not only knowing how to code each of these, but when to use them. Finally, you'll end the course by taking a look at a few other possible implementations of 3D touch that could help your app stand out. By the end of this course, you'll have learned about each of these new APIs, how they work, and when they make sense to use inside of your iOS apps. As developers in a crowded market, you need every competitive edge you can get, and adding another layer of interactivity with 3D Touch is a perfect place to start.

About the author

Jordan has been developing software since 2011. Since iOS 6, he has been primarily involved with learning, teaching, and being part of the iOS development community. He and his wife founded Dreaming In Binary in 2014, and their first app reached #18 on the top-paid charts in the finance category. When he is not writing tutorials or coding, he can be found rooting for the St. Louis Rams or playing basketball. He currently lives in Ozark, Missouri, with his wife and son, who constantly unplugs his... more

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