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Pre 2017 - Implementing Cloud Services for Azure Infrastructure (70-533)

by Razi bin Rais

In this course, you will learn about configuring and implementing Azure Cloud Services including topics such as configuring roles, packaging and deploying cloud services using PowerShell, and monitoring and collecting diagnostics data for cloud services. Topics covered in this course will help you prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam 70-533 objectives that fall under "Implement Cloud Services" content area.

What you'll learn

In this course, you will learn how to configure role instance count and size, operating system family and version, configure Remote Desktop, configure in-role cache, configure local storage, configure SSL, configure custom domain, configure reserved IP addresses, configure network traffic rules, configure multiple websites on a web role, creating a cloud service project using PowerShell, packaging a cloud service using CSPack command line tool, publishing a cloud service using PowerShell, performing a VIP swap using PowerShell, scaling (manual/auto) a cloud service, configuring monitoring for a cloud service, adding metrics to monitoring, configuring alerts on metrics, configuring endpoint monitoring, monitoring a service bus queue, monitoring a notification hub, Azure diagnostics overview, and configuring Azure diagnostics using PowerShell.

Table of contents


About the author

Razi is a Senior Consultant at Microsoft, a prominent speaker, author, and seven-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award recipient and an active Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Prior to joining Microsoft as a full time employee he worked as an independent consultant providing his subject matter expertise to Microsoft Consultancy Services, Avanade and Sapient. During this time he has led customers to successful projects in Singapore, Dubai, Oman, France and New York. He has worke... more

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