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Implementing Cross-cutting Concerns for ASP.NET Core 3 Microservices

by Steve Gordon

This course will help you learn about implementing cross-cutting concerns in ASP.NET Core microservices. You will explore applying correlated, structured logging and health checks to support running distributed microservices in production.

What you'll learn

This course will help you on your journey when building microservice applications using ASP.NET Core.

In this course, Implementing Cross-cutting Concerns for ASP.NET Core Microservices, you will learn how to implement logging and health checks in your microservices.

First, you will discover the importance of logging and some of the challenges that microservices introduce. Next, you will implement logging in several microservices, taking into consideration how log messages produced across microservice boundaries can be correlated and aggregated to form a complete story about a request or operation. Finally, you will explore how to apply health checks to ASP.NET Core microservices to support liveness and readiness checks, used to monitor services in production.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to apply logging and health checks in .NET Core microservices.

About the author

Steve Gordon is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP and senior engineer based in the UK. He works for Elastic maintaining their .NET client libraries. Steve is passionate about community and all things .NET related, having worked with ASP.NET for over 17 years. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge through his blog, in videos and by presenting talks at user groups and conferences. Steve is excited to be a part of the .NET community and founded .NET South East, a .NET Meetup group based in Brighton.... more

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