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Implementing Custom Middleware Components in ASP.NET Core 1

by Gavin Lanata

ASP.NET Core is the low-overhead, high-performance counterpart to the .NET Framework’s ASP.NET. In this course, you'll learn what middleware is and expand on that knowledge to create your own middleware components.

What you'll learn

The internet is ever-increasing in diversity and complexity, and the need for performance is omnipresent. Your tools can either hinder or block your efforts in creating great software. ASP.NET Core represents a new solution to add to your development tool box. In this course, Implementing Custom Middleware Components in ASP.NET Core, you'll learn what middleware is and how to build you own custom middleware using in-line methods and then expanding to classes. First, you'll learn how to create simple in-line middleware components. Next, you'll learn the composition of a middleware class which will be accepted into the application's pipeline. Then, you'll learn what middleware you can find with ASP.NET Core out of the box. Finally, you'll learn how middleware compares to classic ASP.NET HTTP modules and handles. By the end of this course, you'll understand how middleware fits into ASP.NET Core and how to create your own custom middleware.

About the author

Gavin has been building front-ends to software applications using the .Net Framework for the last four years. Using C#/XAML for the majority of his work, he has carried those skills on to building his own set of window store / windows phone applications. Gavin often attends developer events, expanding his own knowledge in the fast paced world of IT, and lending a helping hand to developers needing a little direction navigating the world of design. Since graduation from university a decade ago,... more

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