Implementing a Test Pyramid Strategy in Java

by Catalin Tudose

This course follows one of the most frequent situations in the development of contemporary projects: building an application tested at all levels. You’ll be able to replace most of the previous manual testing and build strong and safe applications.

What you'll learn

It's important to not only understand the concepts of a particular testing level but also to learn how to apply them in practice. In this course, Implementing a Test Pyramid Strategy in Java, you’ll learn how to develop Java applications that are tested at all levels. First, you'll learn about unit testing and how to work with the components in isolation. Next, you'll discover integration testing, combining the units as a group and system testing. Finally, you'll explore the acceptance testing, making the software ready for delivery to the end user.

When you're finished with this course, you’ll be prepared for the real-life challenge: to know how to develop reliable applications, starting from solid building blocks, to integration, to working with external systems, and finally arriving at the target of software development - satisfying the business needs.

About the author

Born in Pitesti, Romania, I have studied Computer Science in Bucharest, graduating in 1997 and obtaining a PhD in 2006, with the thesis "Spatial Databases for the Reconstruction of the Relief". I have taught at University "Politehnica" Bucuresti courses and seminaries on Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Logic Design and Databases Design. I have been involved in the software development industry, working since the end of the '90s and being focused on Java and Java technologies since the... more

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