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Improving Interpersonal Skills

by Curtis Webb

This course teaches you about interpersonal skills so that you can become more aware and improve soft skills in the workplace.

What you'll learn

Most business and technology professionals have heard of the concept interpersonal skills, but few actually understand what it is and more important, what it is not. Even fewer know how to be aware, evaluate their level of skills, or how to work to improve them. In this course, Improving Interpersonal Skills, you’ll learn to develop and improve workplace relationships. First, you’ll explore common interpersonal skills to evaluate yourself and others on the team. Next, you’ll discover how to become more self-aware of interpersonal skills during workplace interactions. Finally, you’ll learn how to make conscious efforts to improve interpersonal interactions with colleagues. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of interpersonal skills needed to build and maintain meaningful in-person and virtual workplace relationships.

About the author

Curtis Webb is Senior Director, Head of Disbursements, Visa Direct North America at Visa. Visa aspires to be the best way to be paid by everyone everywhere. Visa Direct is a service that enables money movement use cases domestic and cross-border. Curtis’ team leads business-funded disbursement use case strategy and product management, including labor and wages payouts, emerging and small and medium businesses. His team is also responsible for established use cases like government, loan disbursem... more

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