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Increasing Productivity by Beating Procrastination

by Stephen Haunts

One of the most significant threats to our productivity at work is procrastination and the difficulty in getting focused. This course will teach you how to understand procrastination and offer practical tips for beating the habit and getting focused.

What you'll learn

Lack of productivity at work can happen to you at any time where you can not get enough focus to complete your essential tasks, and you will do anything but work. Social media and video streaming sites do not help either as they become seductive distractions. The author of this course used to suffer badly from procrastination to the point where it was severely affecting his day job. He decided to take a stand and regain focus and understand what procrastination means. This course is the result of Stephen's research and practice. In this course, Increasing Productivity by Beating Procrastination, you will look to understand what procrastination really is and offer practical tips for beating the habit and getting focused. First, you will learn the definition of procrastination. Next, you will look to understand what it is, and its impact on us. Then, you will look at ways to overcome procrastination in your life. Finally, you will explore ways to develop your ability to focus and how you can create new habits. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how to beat procrastination by becoming productive and successful in your career and personal life.

About the author

Stephen Haunts is an experienced Software Developer and Leader who has worked across multiple business domains including Computer Games, Finance, and Healthcare Retail and Distribution. Stephen has worked in languages ranging from Assembler, various forms of BASIC, to C and C++, and then finding his love of C# and .NET. Stephen also runs a Software Development and Leadership blog called {Coding in the Trenches} which can be read at . Stephen also runs a small music ... more

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