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InDesign CC Editorial Tools

by Laurie Ruhlin

InDesign has a full range of editorial tools to compliment the beautiful typography in your documents. Explore InDesign's spell check, user dictionaries, notes, track changes, and other editorial features, allowing you to save a great deal of time.

What you'll learn

The editorial tools in InDesign rival the most sophisticated word processing programs. In this course, InDesign CC Editorial Tools, you'll dive deep into InDesign's editorial tools such as the robust spell check, which can enhance by creating and using a custom dictionary. First, you'll learn how to add words to a custom autocorrect list, so you can type in an acronym and InDesign will finish typing in a long name or phrase automatically. Next, you'll discover how to use notes and track changes in order to edit your copy with a conversation running in the background with your co-workers, and to keep a record of who made the changes and when. Additionally, you'll delve into many of the GREP codes in the find/change dialog box, as well as how to create a GREP Style. Finally, you'll explore how to use story editor, change the case, insert glyphs and special characters, and learn to type in format fractions. By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence to efficiently utilize InDesign's editorial tools and know how to use the incredibly powerful find/change tool to shave off an enormous amount of time for your InDesign projects. Software required: InDesign CC.

About the author

Laurie is an Adobe Certified Expert & Adobe Certified Instructor in both InDesign and Illustrator. As an active user of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Muse, she creates brochures, catalogs, web sites, logos, t-shirt graphics and photo collages. From her 20+ years of diverse graphic design freelance work, Laurie brings a wealth of real-world knowledge into the classroom and projects. She truly enjoys teaching both the basics to the emerging designer as well as tips and tricks to the advance... more

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