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InDesign CC Developing Long Documents, Books, and Manuals

by Pariah Burke

InDesign is the best application for producing long documents, books, and manuals. This course will teach you the required skills, help you to develop the strategies, and guide you through mastering the InDesign features to publish long documents.

What you'll learn

A unique set of skills, distinct strategies, and different features of InDesign are required to build, design, organize, and publish long documents like books, textbooks, manuals, or any long document. In this course, InDesign CC Developing Long Documents, Books, and Manuals, you will learn all the skills, develop the strategies, and master the InDesign features to produce creative long documents efficiently on your own or as part of a team. First, you will learn how to start the production on the right foot with a solid plan for the formats, editions, and media in which your book-length project will be published before creating the roadmap, structure, and templates for an effective single-person or team-based workflow. Next, you will discover the design considerations and functions of InDesign that are of greatest value to technical documents and book-length projects, including ways to automate and standardize repetitive and error-prone activities that would otherwise put your project at risk for out-of-sync design, typos, and unnecessary labor. Finally, you will explore how to solve content organization and navigation problems, and how to use InDesign’s automation features to significantly reduce the manual labor involved in listing, referencing, and connecting parts of your books, manuals, and other long documents. When you’re finished with this course, you will be able to collaborate effectively on a long document project, and then output your manual, book, or other long document. Software required: InDesign CC 2018.

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About the author

Pariah Burke is a creative professional trainer and a design, publishing, and digital publishing workflow expert and consultant whose passion is empowering, informing, and connecting creative professionals around the world. As a freelance graphic designer with over 20 years' experience, Pariah sits on the Adobe Advisory Group, is an Adobe Freelancer, and is an Adobe Community Professional and a former trainer and technical lead for Adobe's technical support teams for InDesign, InCopy, Illustrato... more

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