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Information Governance: GDPR

by John Elliott

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation affects the ways that organizations handle personal data. This course will give you a clear understanding of GDPR and what is needed to support organizational compliance.

What you'll learn

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation potentially affects any organization in the world that processes data about people in the EU. In this course, Information Governance: GDPR, you’ll discover which organizations must comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and how GDPR will affect all IT teams. First, you’ll start by meeting the key terms used in the GDPR and seeing how the regulation aims to balance the things that an organization wants to do with personal data with people’s rights, including their right to privacy. Next, you'll find out the key data protection principles and what they mean for systems, before discovering the specific rights that people have over data about them, and what IT must do to respond to those rights. Finally, you'll learn about the core things that GDPR requires an organization to do, including the way it wants you to manage the security of people’s data and what to do when the organization has a breach of data security. By the end of this course, you’ll have the core GDPR knowledge that anyone working in IT needs to understand. You’ll be aware of GDPR’s requirements when working in projects across the IT lifecycle from design and development through deployment to running systems. You’ll also be comfortable discussing GDPR with your organization’s legal, compliance and governance teams.

About the author

John Elliott is a specialist in regulated security and data protection. His fascination is the way that people engage with security directives: whether that’s a company following external regulation, an information security team developing policies, an IT team following them, or a colleague who is just trying to do their job securely. John has led information security and data protection functions in aviation and financial services. He’s represented both Visa Europe and Mastercard on the PCI S... more

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