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Infrastructure as Code: The Big Picture

by Eugene Meidinger

DevOps is bringing automated deployment techniques to the IT world. This course will teach you what infrastructure as code means and how it fits into the broader IT ecosystem.

What you'll learn

Automated deployment and configuration of infrastructure seems overwhelming. In this course, Infrastructure as Code: The Big Picture, you’ll learn to see infrastructure deployment as a repeatable, automated recipe. First, you’ll explore why people hesitate to make config changes and the problems that causes. Next, you’ll discover all the benefits of IaC. Finally, you’ll learn what tools are used to implement IaC and how it fits in with the DevOps movement. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of infrastructure as code needed to explain it to others.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Benefits of Infrastructure as Code
Implementing Infrastructure as Code

About the author

Eugene Meidinger works as an independent BI consultant and Pluralsight author, specializing in Power BI and the Azure Data Platform. He has been working with data for over 8 years and speaks regularly at user groups and conferences. He also helps run the GroupBy online conference.

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