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Ingest and Transform Data by Using Power BI - DP-500

by Emilio Melo

Power BI Reports are a great way for your data to tell a story, but everything starts with properly obtaining the data. This course will teach you how to ingest and transform external data with Power BI, as preparation for the DP-500 exam.

What you'll learn

The end result of a Power BI dashboard is beyond visually appealing, but everything starts with proper data ingestion and preparation. In this course, Ingest and Transform Data by Using Power BI - DP-500, you’ll learn to use the Power Query feature of Power BI to properly obtain and prepare your data. First, you’ll explore the various data connectors available. Next, you’ll discover how to properly connect to external data for your needs. Finally, you’ll learn how to utilize features of the Power BI service to obtain your data. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of data gathering and preparation needed for the exam DP-500.

About the author

Emilio Melo is a globetrotting IT professional with projects in over 15 countries, mostly focused on Microsoft software. After 15 years of On Premises experience in Infrastructure, Data and Collaboration, he became fascinated by Cloud technologies and the incredible transformation potential it brings.

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