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Utilizing Insights and Observations with Data: Executive Briefing

by Jordan Morrow

This Executive Briefing will empower the user with knowledge and understanding on the 4-levels of analytics, how they fit in to the world of data and analytical strategy, and how insight and observations work together.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wondering where to get started when it comes to making data-based decisions? In this course, Utilizing Insights and Observations with Data, you will learn foundational knowledge of and gain the ability to understand the difference between observations and insights, including descriptive and diagnostic analytics. First you will learn about the analytical world, including the four levels of analytics. Next, you will jump into both descriptive (or observational) analytics and diagnostic (or insight analytics) to gain a better understanding of these pieces in analytics. Finally, you will tie these pieces together into the world of data literacy. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of utilizing insights and observations with data needed to succeed more with data and analytical strategy.

Table of contents

Utilizing the Power of Analytics for Success
Understanding the World of Observations and Descriptive Analytics
Harnessing the Power of Insights
Utilizing Data Literacy to Improve in Insight and Observations

About the author

Jordan Morrow is the Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik. In this role, Jordan has helped drive the importance of Data Literacy to the world, while helping build a world class-education program; Jordan can be found traveling the world speaking on this important topic. Along with his passion for Data Literacy, Jordan is an avid family man and trail runner. So, whether with his family, in the mountains, or working with Data Literacy, Jordan can be found with his passions.

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