Integrating AWS Networks with Application Services

by Matthew Alexander

According to recent research, privacy and security concerns prevent up to 60% of enterprises from migrating to the cloud. This course will teach you the best practices and give you in-depth know-how for configuring and securing your AWS network.

What you'll learn

With a significant number of businesses held back from cloud based offerings due to privacy and security concerns, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that your network is both secure and resilient. In this course, Integrating AWS Networks with Application Services, you’ll learn to incorporate the various components of AWS' network based offerings into your application architecture. First, you’ll explore some of the foundational networking concepts at play inside of AWS. Next, you’ll discover various techniques for building resilience into the networks surrounding your applications. Finally, you’ll learn how to enable remote access to private application resources within your newly secured network. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to build and integrate secure and resilient networks into your application infrastructure.

About the author

Matthew Alexander is a Software Engineer with several years of practical experience building distributed systems in the AWS cloud. In his current capacity he leads the charge in designing and implementing next generation infrastructure for Lucid Software, Inc. Prior to working for Lucid, he was instrumental in designing and bringing to life several of AWS' external and internal product offerings for Cloudfront ([email protected]) and S3. Outside of work, Matthew loves to wind down with his family, enj... more

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