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Integrating Business Intelligence Tools with Databricks

by Kishan Iyer

The best way to analyze big data may often involve the use of a combination of platforms. This course delves into the integration of Databricks with BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Replicate to perform business intelligence tasks.

What you'll learn

While Databricks is a powerful platform which supports a variety of business intelligence functions on its own, there will be use cases where it is necessary to link this service with external BI tools. In this course, Integrating Business Intelligence Tools with Databricks, you'll learn the integrations available for Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Replicate. First, you'll explore the need for tool integrations with Databricks, including the use of the Partner Connect feature to make such integrations seamless. Then, you'll discover the hands-on portion of the course which looks into the precise steps involved in connecting Power BI and Tableau to a Databricks workspace. Finally, you'll learn how data in a SQL database such as SQL Server can be replicated in Databricks using the Qlik Replicate utility. Once you complete this course, you will recognize precisely when BI tool integrations should be used, and how these can be implemented using the resources available in Databricks.

About the author

I have a Masters in Computer Science from Columbia University and have worked previously as a developer and DevOps engineer. I now work at Loonycorn which is a studio for high-quality video content. My interests lie in the broad categories of Big Data, ML and Cloud.

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