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Integrating Google Maps into Xamarin.Forms 3 Apps

by John Kuefler

Adding maps to an app are a great way to enhance its usability and feature set. This course will focus on adding Google Maps to an existing Xamarin.Forms app.

What you'll learn

Implementing customized maps into Xamarin.Forms apps isn't the most straightforward process. In this course, Integrating Google Maps into Xamarin.Forms Apps, you’ll learn foundational knowledge and gain the ability to integrate Google Maps into Xamarin Forms apps. First, you’ll explore when to use the built-in maps options, and when to look to Google Maps. Next, you’ll discover how to set up the API keys you need to make Google Maps work in Xamarin.Forms. Finally, you’ll learn how to set up and customize a Xamarin.Forms Google Map. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Google Maps needed in Xamarin.Forms to integrate rich, interactive maps within your apps.

About the author

John Kuefler is a software architect, consultant, and university instructor. He is a Xamarin Certified Developer, and a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. Having spent years as the lead software architect for a programming team, he gained in depth experience creating software solutions from the ground up. He also has years of software consulting experience, as well as teaching at the collegiate level. He loves to combine his passion for education and technology. He has developed back end a... more

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