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Integrating Linux in a Windows Enterprise Environment

by Chris Brown

This course shows you how to use Samba and other interoperability tools to integrate Linux systems into an existing Windows-based network.

What you'll learn

The course begins by discussing the issues facing those who wish to introduce Linux systems into an existing enterprise environment based on Windows. From there we'll see how to install and use the Samba suite of programs to provide basic file sharing and print services to Windows clients. We'll see how to store user accounts on a stand-alone Samba file server, and how to implement access controls. Then, we'll examine how to integrate a Samba server into a Windows domain as a domain member server, and (as our pièce de résistance) how to install and configure Samba so that Linux can act as an Active Directory domain controller. The final modules cover the use of remote login and remote desktop access tools to access Linux machines from Windows clients (and vice versa), open source equivalents of proprietary applications, and the use of Windows emulation and virtualization to run legacy Windows applications on Linux systems.

About the author

Dr. Chris Brown has been using UNIX as a software developer and system administrator since its pioneering days over 30 years ago, and has used Linux professionally and at home for about 10 years. He has extensive experience in curriculum design, and in addition to Linux training he has written hands-on courses in UNIX/Linux system programming, network programming, PHP, and distributed computing, and has edited and provided instructional design support for many others. In addition to his ... more

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