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Internationalization with AngularJS 1 and ASP.NET

by Mike Witt

A guide to internationalizing an AngularJS application with an ASP.NET MVC/Web API server back end.

What you'll learn

This course explores internationalization issues with implementation of an AngularJS web application that is served by an ASP.NET MVC/Web API infrastructure. Topics include text translation, date and time formatting, numeric formatting, monetary issues, managing units of measure, and other formats such as postal codes and phone numbers. This course will start with an essentially complete application that needs to be internationalized and then walk through the steps needed to completely internationalize it.

About the author

Mike has been a software developer since 1985 developing "C" and Pascal applications on Vax/VMS systems. Over the next 30 years of application development, Mike realized the importance of continuing education and developed his skills through Unix and Windows development and quickly got involved in .NET development when the platform was launched in 2002. Since then he has focused on C# development with Windows applications, ASP.NET applications, and now MVC and WebApi applications with an Angular... more

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