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Introduction to ABAP for SAP Business Warehouse Developers

by Laszlo Meszaros

This course brings ABAP programming and SAP Business Warehouse together. Learn ABAP development practices that will bring balance, quality, and performance to your projects.

What you'll learn

Business Warehouse Developers need to model and develop many complex data flows and queries. Learn ABAP to add an indispensable tool into your toolset and to solve complex problems in the most important areas of BW like transformation, DTP, InfoPackage, and query variables. Besides learning ABAP syntax, you will also gain insight into a programming style that keeps the performance, maintainability, and readability in focus.

About the author

Laszlo is an official certified SAP BW/BI consultant and trainer and he is a founding director of Expertise-Team, a consulting, training and software development company ( Laszlo has over 10 years of experience in the IT field and he is passionate about teaching people how to make the most out of their SAP BW/BI System and doing Data Warehousing, Planning, Reporting and Analyses in the best way possible. He also focuses on technologies like ABAP, C# and other software pra... more

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