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Mar 28, 2015
2h 9m

In this tutorial, we'll get an introduction to the natural-medium paint program, ArtRage. This program has been available for several years and has matured into a very powerful and unique program suitable for either fine art or industry-level production art. By the end of this ArtRage training, you'll have a firm foundation in the basic tools and skills you need to create your own digital masterpieces. Software required: ArtRage 4.

About the author
About the author

Victor Osaka is a popular and seasoned digital design educator and photographer.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction and Project Overview
Hi, my name is Victor Osaka. I'm an artist, designer and educator. In this beginner's course, I'm going to introduce you to ArtRage 4. 5. 3 by a New Zealand company called Ambient Designs. ArtRage is an incredible 32 and 64 bit, natural-media painting program. By that, I mean it's forte is replicating a wide variety of traditional art medium, such as watercolor, oil paints, gouache, airbrush, pastels, and much more. The key takeaways from this course will include an overview of the interface and tools, becoming familiar with the many brushes and adjustment panels, learns the ins and outs of canvas-sizing and textures, using the Reference Image and Tracing Image functions, and finally, learn the ArtRage method, as I recreate a famous painting style from start to finish. By the end of the training, you'll have become familiar enough with ArtRage to begin your own master creations. I'm excited to work with Digital Tutors and to share this course with you. So, let's get started with the first lesson.

Introduction to ArtRage
Let's start by downloading and installing the program. For most Digital Tutor customers, this first video might be elementary, so you can skip the video, and go directly to the next one. However, if you aren't into computing, and not familiar with downloading and installing programs, please go to www. artrage. com. From here, you can make your purchase, and more importantly, you have access to the ArtRage Community section, where you'll find the very helpful Forms and Galleries. Scoll down, and click on the Buy ArtRage icon. Go ahead and choose Add to Cart, where you'll make your purchase, or if you want to try a demo, you can download it by selecting Products, Demos. You'll have your choice of either Windows or Mac. Once you've either made your purchase or demo download, pause this video, follow the installation instructions, and come back and we'll continue. If you've not already done so, let's open the program. From your Desktop, locate the Program's icon, and either click on it or double-click, depending on your operating system. You're presented with a blank canvas or workspace. The Interface and Tools will function comparably whether using a mouse or digital tablet, however, a tablet combined with a pressure sensitive stylus will afford you a much greater level of control and expression. I'll be using a Wacom Cintiq digital tablet throughout this course. That's it for the installation. Let's go ahead with the next video, and get an overview of ArtRage.