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Introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

by Robert Cain

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is one of the hottest skills today, and is the cornerstone for reporting, data science, and analytics. This course teaches the fundamentals with examples plus a project to fully illustrate the concepts.

What you'll learn

Some of the hottest buzzwords in the IT space include data science, analytics, and machine learning. All of these are based upon a foundation of business intelligence, which rests on the shoulders of data warehousing. A solid understanding of Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence (DW/BI) is critical in order to be successful as a data professional in today's marketplace. In this course, Introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, you'll begin with an understanding of the terms and concepts of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Next, you'll see concrete examples which clearly illustrate these terms. Finally, you will see a sample implementation of a DW/BI project with SQL Server. As a DBA, database designer, or report developer the skills in this course will help you create and work with your data warehouse. If you are a project manager or business user, understanding how your data warehouse works will allow you to communicate your needs clearly with your development team to get the most from your business intelligence solutions. Finally, if you are on the road to becoming a data scientist, understanding the design of your data warehouses will aid you in being able to extract the data you need for your analytical solutions.

About the author

Robert C. Cain ( is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC. He is a course author for Pluralsight, team member at Linchpin People, and co-author of 4 books. A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, TechEd, CodeStock, and numerous SQL Saturdays. Robert has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields including manufacturing, insurance, teleco... more

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