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Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET

by Jeremy Clark

Get your applications ready to take on the world. We'll learn about the features of localization and globalization that are built in to .NET.

What you'll learn

We create the best experience for our users by communicating with them in a way that they understand. .NET provides robust localization and globalization features that allow us to create and deploy applications that adapt for different languages and cultures. We'll take a look at the basics and ready our applications to take on the world.

About the author

Jeremy Clark makes developers better. By drawing on over 15 years of experience in application development, he helps developers take a step up in their skill set with a focus on making complex topics approachable regardless of skill level. He is a Microsoft MVP for .NET and has authored a number of articles about C# on his blog.. He loves sharing his experiences and has delivered over 300 technical presentations in the last 9 years in the United States and Europe. Jeremy lives in northern Washin... more

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