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Intro to Views for Drupal 7

by Jeff Eaton, Michelle Lauer and Karen Stevenson

Learn how to use the Drupal 7 Views UI to make customized lists of content that can display in a variety of formats.

What you'll learn

The Views module is the most downloaded contribution on It is a powerful list-maker that not only provides a GUI for creating a query but also gives you options on how you want to display your data. This video series will continue the Job Board example from the Fields for Site Builders series where we will discover ways to display all of the job postings, allow people to find the one they are looking for and easily apply for it.

About the authors

Jeff has more than two decades of diverse experience in publishing, enterprise infrastructure, and web development. He's built ecommerce sites for florists, enterprise web systems for multinational corporations, and supply-chain automation tools for billion-dollar industries using technologies from Perl to ASP.Net. He's designed and implemented large-scale Drupal sites for clients including Sony/BMG Music, Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, World Wrestling Entertainment, Verizon Wireless, Harvard U... more

Michelle Lauer started her Drupal adventures in 2006 and quickly became known for her incredible sense of detail while possessing the ability to see the big picture. These innate skills allowed Michelle to cultivate her specialty of site architecture and multi-phased deployments. In addition to custom module development and theming, she develops and implements the strategy for complex content architecture from the end-user experience to the manageability by website administrators.

Karen Stevenson has been a Drupal contributor since 2006. She is a co-maintainer of the Content Construction Kit (CCK) and the author of the Date, and Calendar modules that use CCK and Views as the basis for highly flexible and configurable event management systems. She has also been heavily involved in the 'Fields in Core' initiative to move the CCK functionality to core for Drupal 7, and was responsible for updating the D7 version of CCK to be a user interface to the new core system.

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