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Aug 10, 2014
1h 48m
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In this tutorial we'll learn how to use CSS to style a resort website from scratch. We'll use CSS properties that allow us to make changes like the font our site uses, adding a full screen background image, centering a web page in the browser window, and using pseudo selectors for styling interactive content like links and forms. We'll learn how to adjust the amount of space between elements with margins and padding, and how the box model can help us understand how margins, padding, and borders affect the width and height of an element. We'll also discuss important concepts like understanding the browser and how it applies default styles and fonts, and best practices like using a font stack and web safe fonts. For an additional learning resource, the exercise files contain a Key Web Terms Reference Guide PDF so you can get comfortable with important web design terminology. Software required: Adobe Edge Code, Google Chrome Browser.

About the author
About the author

Susan is a web design author for Pluralsight. Growing up, Susan was both a passionate artist as well as a computer tech aficionado. When she discovered the world of web development, she found that she could meld those two passions together into something amazing. Soon after, Susan began devoting herself to building beautiful and functional web content for businesses and nonprofits. It was through those experiences Susan developed a fluency for web coding languages.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction and Project Overview
Hi. I'm Susan with Digital-Tutors and this is an introduction to CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. In this course, we'll learn how to style text by changing the font properties, about how fonts are pulled into a site, and best practices like using font stacks and web safe fonts. We'll also learn how to have increased control over our fonts by using externally hosted fonts. We'll use pseudo selectors to target interactive content like links, and all about adding space between elements using margins, paddings and understanding the box model. We'll learn how to keep our page centered automatically in the browser window, style complex elements like tables and forums, and even how to spice things up by adding a full screen background image. So let's get started in our next lesson by setting up our project and our CSS.