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Introduction to Developing Custom Components with ARIA 1

by Gerard K. Cohen

Set yourself above other front-end engineers by learning the core concepts and rules needed to architect and build any accessible custom component with ARIA, in order to provide inclusive experiences for all users.

What you'll learn

ARIA can be difficult to understand and learn, but it is absolutely essential in order to provide a rich and interactive experience on the web. In this course, Introduction to Developing Custom Components with ARIA, you’ll learn foundational knowledge to build accessible interactive components using ARIA. First, you’ll explore important resources essential to guiding you as you engineer your custom components. Next, you’ll learn about the 5 rules of ARIA and the 3 things that all interactive components must provide. Finally, you’ll discover how to build an expandable component and a menu button as practical examples. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the core principles that will guide you to develop your own accessible components using ARIA in order to ensure a good experience for everyone.

About the author

Gerard lives near Sacramento with his wife, and when he is not sleeping or drinking Zombies at tiki bars, he helps raise awareness by speaking at Front End and Accessibility conferences around the country. He is also a member of the W3C Web Platform Work Group and contributor to the ARIA Authoring Practices.

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