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Introduction to Drafting and Annotation in AutoCAD

by Pierre Derenoncourt

In this set of tutorials, you'll learn how to get up to speed in AutoCAD. Software required: AutoCAD 2016.

What you'll learn

In this set of tutorials, you'll learn how to get up to speed in AutoCAD. A hands on approach to learning new software is a great way to get comfortable with your set of tools. With that in mind, you and I will embark on a small project together. Along the way we'll learn how to navigate AutoCAD's User Interface and get a better understanding of the location and also types of tools available to us within this software package. From there we'll learn how draw, modify, and even organize all our geometry and objects into color coded layers, each with a unique set of properties that we'll learn to edit. After working with geometry, we'll learn how to annotate our drawing using things like text, dimensions, and multileaders. Finally, once our basic floor plan is complete, we'll learn how to present and document our design by working with layouts and viewports. By the end of this course, you'll be able to draw and modify geometry, organize your work into layers, annotate your drawings, and even present your work using layouts and title block templates. So with that, I'm ready to get started, and I'll meet you in the next lesson! Software required: AutoCAD 2016.

About the author

Pierre is a Pluralsight training pioneer. Since becoming the first CAD and BIM author at Digital-Tutors (now a Pluralsight company), Pierre has played a major role in building the training library. With a productive background in the CAD industry, working as everything from a drafter to project manager, Pierre has long had a passion for the creativity and hard work that goes into designing architectural projects. Pierre is proud to be able to share his mastery of Revit and AutoCAD with the P... more

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