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Introduction to Houdini 15

by John Moncrief

In this Houdini 15 tutorial, you'll develop the skills you need to get up and running.

What you'll learn

In this Houdini 15 tutorial, you'll develop the skills you need to get up and running. You'll get the most out of this course when you're brand new to Houdini, but still have a basic understanding of general 3D concepts. We'll start with the first time you ever launch Houdini and walk through creating an awesome effects shot. Along the way, you'll learn some of the most powerful aspects of this node-based software such as the key concepts of the Houdini user interface, basic geometry manipulation and polygon modeling. We'll also explore how to import geometry, create custom user interfaces, apply materials and manipulate UVs. We'll get our feet wet in each step of the pipeline, including modeling, animation, dynamics, lighting and rendering to construct a dramatic FX shot using rigid bodies and fractured geometry. By the end of this Houdini training, you'll be able to dive into the other amazing Houdini content in our library with confidence. Software required: Houdini 15

Table of contents

Introduction and Project Overview
Introduction to Houdini 15

About the author

John is the resident Houdini and dynamics author at Pluralsight. In college, he had the opportunity to work at SideFX (the creators of Houdini) and has been able to teach dynamics and visual effects to numerous creative industry professionals over the years. He lives for the rush of seeing his pupils experience "light bulb" moments. John's latest passion has been breathing new life into the Pluralsight Houdini training library and making sure that no software or tools can get in the way of an ar... more

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