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Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence End-user Tools

by Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

Are you confused when to use Excel, PowerPivot, Report Builder, Report Designer, Dashboard Designer, or Power View? Take a lap around them and get back to Office with the knowledge which of these tools fits the best to your end-users.

What you'll learn

Are you confused by the fact, that there is not one End-User Tool for BI, but there are many from Microsoft? In spite of the fact that Microsoft decided in 2009 not to build further reporting-tools (but to consolidate the actual portfolio instead) a whole bunch of tools are available and are leading to some confusion through the users: Excel, PowerPivot, Report Builder & Report Designer (Reporting Services), Dashboard Designer (PerformancePoint Services) and Power View. You will take a lap around all of these tools and you will learn when to use which. In this demo-heavy course, the very same report will be built with each of these tools so you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each of them with your own eyes. After finishing the modules, you will be armed with the knowledge to decide which of the tools fits your end-users the best.

About the author

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen has experience in data warehousing, ETL, and business intelligence. He has been working as a project leader and trainer since 1994. He is a software-engineer and professor of “business, economics and law” at HTL Steyr (Technical college). He is a certified MCITP database administrator, database developer, business intelligence developer, and MCT. Markus regularly speaks at international conferences (Microsoft Day Austria, SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits London, BASTA Germany, ... more

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