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Introduction to Qt 5.2: A C++ Cross Platform Application Framework

by Tod Gentille

This course will get you up to speed quickly on the C++ Qt Framework. Be envious of Java and .NET no more.

What you'll learn

Have you been waiting for a cross-platform application framework for C++ that lets you do everything from creating daemons to writing elegant desktop GUIs? Wait no more. Get up to speed quickly on the Qt Framework using a real world example. This course will teach you both critical portions of the Qt Framework, and how to use the tools that come with the framework including the very powerful Qt Creator IDE. By the end of this course, you'll be comfortable building GUI front ends for the desktop as well as learning how to work with JSON data files and the Networking components of Qt. You'll also become a pro at using the signals and slots mechanism for communicating between classes and processes. This course expects you to already know the C++ programming language.

Table of contents

About the author

Tod has been a software developer since finding an Apple ][ lurking in a chemistry lab at Argonne National Labs circa 1980. Programming everything from Assembler, and Fortran to C#. He spent a couple of decades doing embedded development with C++ and recently developed applications with TypeScript and React.

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