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Introduction to Toon Boom Animate Pro

by Kurt Jones

Welcome to the introductory Toon Boom Animate Pro tutorial. Software required: Toon Boom Animate Pro 3.

What you'll learn

Welcome to the introductory Toon Boom Animate Pro tutorial. Animate Pro has all the tools and features you'll need to create stunning 2D animations. We'll begin this process with an overview of the interface so that you can understand how to manage views, toolbars, change keyboard shortcut preferences, and save custom workspaces. Following this, we'll learn how to create layers and drawing cells in the timeline view and begin creating a cutout styled character. We'll also learn about vector drawing tools like the pencil and brush and the differences in their vector lines. We'll also spend several lessons learning how to edit and clean up line work using the contour editor, select, and cutter tools. As we begin to apply color to our project, we'll learn the benefit of the paint tool and how to create custom swatches in the color view. With the pieces of our character created, we'll dive into some essential tools, features, and practices for rigging our character for animation. Along the way we'll learn how to manage the structure our entire project using a module-based workflow with the network view. Finally, we'll conclude by setting keyframes and creating some animation. After watching this Toon Boom Animate Pro training, you'll be equipped with the knowledge you need to hit the ground running to create awesome animations in Toon Boom Animate Pro! Software required: Toon Boom Animate Pro 3.

About the author

Kurt is a design tutor at Pluralsight. Ever since he could hold a crayon, Kurt has been in love with drawing. Apart from his dedication to training artists at Pluralsight, Kurt has an extensive background in illustration. He has previously worked for a book publisher, as well as Rhythm and Hues Studios. It was through his extensive industry background that Kurt learned the way of the Wacom, and that the Pen tool is truly mightier than the sword. Along with creating beautiful 2D illustrations,... more

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