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Inventor Essentials: Design Changes and Errors

by Mark Mason

Learn how to make design changes quickly and efficiently in Autodesk Inventor while navigating around part, assembly, and drawing errors.

What you'll learn

At the center of designing any 3D product in Autodesk Inventor, knowing how to make modifications is absolutely essential. In this course, Inventor Essentials: Design Changes and Errors, you will learn the necessary skills to make changes in a quick and efficient manner. First, you will learn how to modify sketches and predict how they behave. Next, you will discover how to make changes to 3D parts and assemblies. Finally, you will explore how to adjust drawing dimensions and handle the errors that come along with it. When you are finished with the course, you will have the foundational understanding of design changes and how to tackle errors successfully.

About the author

For the last 16 years, Mark Mason has been involved in the design and manufacturing industry. Mark has worked with transportation, automotive and aerospace companies. Machine design is where everything started for Mark. He finds great satisfaction in seeing things come to life, however Mark has always enjoyed teaching. Seeing people's eyes "light up" when they see something new brings great pride.

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