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Inventor File Management

by Neil Cross

This course provides both valuable entry and high level knowledge on how to effectively manage your files within Autodesk Inventor. Learn how to create and configure project files and also how to utilizing the design assistant and pack & go. Software required: Autodesk Inventor.

What you'll learn

When working with 3D CAD applications, generating vast quantities of files is unavoidable and inevitable. Whilst never intentional, the mismanagement of or misplacing your files can lead to major issues down the line. In this course, Inventor File Management, you'll learn the simple yet very effective ways in which you can keep this under control using project files to organize your work. First, you'll look at template management. Next, you'll clarify the various ways in which you can save data, open data, replace data, and rename data. Finally, you'll discover best practice techniques for copying a design and distributing transmittal packages to external parties. By the end of this course, you'll be provided with the valuable skills required to keep your data organized to best practice guidelines, allowing you to focus on what's most important - being productive. Software required: Autodesk Inventor.

About the author

Neil is a 25 year veteran of Autodesk design software. He has worked for a platinum reseller in a highly technical role for near 10 years, consulted for Autodesk, held multiple industry CAD systems management positions, Autodesk Expert Elite member, along with being a Dell influencer partner, two time Autodesk University speaker and speaker at Intel Vision 2022 launching the 12th Gen Mobile HX processors representing Autodesk software. Neil also founded and runs the Autodesk focused Youtube ch... more

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